Parenting on Sabbatical and the Power of Gummy Bears

 [Note: We’ve been home several months now, but had written a few draft blogs before we left. This is one of them.]

“Honey, let me wipe them off. They are all over your face.”

boogers back Holly

The sadness of a mountain top without your boogers.


I wipe her face.

“MOM!!!!! Put them back! I didn’t want you to take them!! PUT MY BOOGERS BACK!!”

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Parents v. Kindergarteners


Friday we picked up our 4.5 year old, H, at kindergarten. She smiled as she came out the door and then ran right past us down the sidewalk.

“Hey, wait up H!”

“You’re too fast for Mom.” (Why does mom continue to talk about herself in the third person? I don’t know why I do this.)

She gets to the end of the sidewalk and continues into the intersection.

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