Guest Blog: H takes over for a post

IMG_4071The following was dictated to me by H, she is four years old and her attention span is four words long. She giggled constantly through the post and insisted I share it. This might be a terrible idea, but hopefully the reader might relate to trying to work on a laptop near a small, attention-seeking child who is sometimes homesick and is mostly into fart jokes. Some things stay the same no matter where we are in the world. Continue reading


Parents v. Kindergarteners


Friday we picked up our 4.5 year old, H, at kindergarten. She smiled as she came out the door and then ran right past us down the sidewalk.

“Hey, wait up H!”

“You’re too fast for Mom.” (Why does mom continue to talk about herself in the third person? I don’t know why I do this.)

She gets to the end of the sidewalk and continues into the intersection.

“STOP!” Continue reading

Cheese and the Apostles

“Mommy, talk about cheese.” H (3) asks as we pass a quaint church with cows on the train up to the mountains.

“Well, let’s see…where to start?” I then launch into a twenty-minute ramble about rain, and grass, and cows, and milk, and pectin, and salt, and cheese robots, and aging, and then shipping it to Costco. She listens patiently, prompting me to continue on after each section with a cute “Say the next part, Mommy.”

When I finally say that is all I know about cheese, she asks “But what about the part where they kill him?” Continue reading

The Tippy Top

On a day threatening to rain we thought we’d stay (relatively) close to home and explore Basel a bit. We first went to find my work on public transportation so that on my first day I wouldn’t arrive two hours late after being overtaken by tram-pirates (I have not heard that is a thing, but I imagine it might be, and so am now worried about it, which is totally normal). We found work without incident but it was closed, which makes sense since it was a Swiss holiday. (Whit Monday; apparently that is a thing, but I don’t know enough to worry about it. Perhaps that is when pirates take the day off to plan their next tram attack? OK, now I’m worried.) Continue reading

Hallo Basel [She said]

We’ve now been here three days, but it feels a bit longer. Perhaps because at least of one us gets up around 4:00 am and, since the floors creak if you even look at them funny, then everyone else is up too. I’ve been wondering if there is any sort of “WD-fairy” that would come and fix them for a small fee or a pound of flesh—I’m open to almost any price at this point. Continue reading

Baggage [She said]

You may have noticed in Barry’s last post about packing there was not much mention of actual packing. Since writing about packing does not actually put things into bags, I’ve been delaying the former in favor of the latter. But today is the day we leave Colorado and we are finally packed! Continue reading