And Then We All Got Sick

It is beginning to dawn on me that each family member’s sabbatical goals may be orthogonal to one another’s. When you write them in a list, they do at first look parallel on their own little bulleted lines, but when you go to implement them, you find yourself walking in different directions and, most certainly, at different speeds. Continue reading

Our Finicky Four Year-Old Traveler

Part of the goal of blogging about our adventures during a year-long sabbatical/career-break in Basel, Switzerland is capturing and preserving precious family experiences for us to look back on years later. But, near-constant traveling can get old for young kids who see no point in visiting another city, cathedral, castle, or posing for yet another photo. We thought we would start a collection of pictures showing those moments when the idea of getting to spend a year in Switzerland traveling around Europe was lost on our four year-old–so we can use them to embarrass laugh with her when she is older.

File_003 (6)

Zermatt’s (un)impressive altstadt

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A Day Around Zurich (with kids and…Trump?)

We realized four months into a year-long career break in Switzerland, that we hadn’t really spent any time in Zürich, the largest city in the country. Sure, we had arrived into the airport there after an 11-hour flight and zombied our way through customs and onto a shuttle bus, but we knew there had to be more to this city than “Arrivals 2.”  Turns out Zürich is beautiful, like every other Swiss city we have visited!


Who has four thumbs and haven’t seen each other in 16 years? These guys! Fraumünster is in background.

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Guest Blog: Nana and the Nazis

My blog, “Traveling With George” has been a vehicle to share our travel adventures. But I am honored to be invited to lend a note to our daughter and son-in-law’s blog, “Swiss Family Sabbatical.” Our Swiss adventure began when we were met by our daughter, Jana, at the Zürich Airport. She and her family had already been living in Switzerland for four months. Upon our arrival she immediately shared what she knew would be most important to us: “Everything is expensive in Switzerland. Get over it now!” Continue reading

In Search of The Abominable Snowman in Zermatt, Switzerland

If you grew up in southern California, you probably associate the word “Matterhorn” with Disneyland, not Switzerland.  That giant, man-made mountain with fake snow plunked right down in the middle of the park and visible from every freeway that runs through inland Orange County.  And, if you went on that ride back in the day, you encountered the Abominable Snowman.  His red eyes peered at you through the darkness, he roared as your bobsled zoomed past and when you were ten years old you snuck your slingshot onto the ride and pegged him with a nickel.  Not that last one?  So, I’m the only juvenile delinquent here? Continue reading