A Weekend in Lugano, Switzerland

Apparently, if you are drowning in lake Lugano, a helicopter will appear and a fuzzy black lab wearing a life vest will jump out of it and save you.  Lugano sits in the southernmost toe of Switzerland, near the Italian border.  Italian is the official language of the region and lakes are the official landscape.  For this reason, Jana (and fuzzy black labs) wanted “to go to there”.  They are both obsessed with water—lakes, pools, rivers, bathtubs, puddles of melted gelato, etc.

File_009 (1)
Italian-speaking Swiss rescue labs demonstrating their awesomeness. Jana went next out of the helicopter [not pictured, but only because it didn’t happen].

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A Weekend in Paris (with kids)

Paris is just a three-hour train ride or a one-hour flight from Basel, yet still I could almost see us somehow not finding the time during our year-long career break to visit it.  But, with my niece and her friend spending a few weeks with us on a European vacation, we pounced on the opportunity to invite ourselves along with them to the city of lights. After all, what 22 year-old would want to visit Paris without their (cool) aunt, (f)uncle and two young cousins in tow? Continue reading