Only Have A Couple Days in Switzerland? Go Here.

We are a few months into our year-long career break in Switzerland and one word keeps coming up:  Mürren.  “My niece is coming to visit for the weekend, where should we take her?”  “Where do you want to spend your birthday weekend?”  “Is there a place you have visited so far that captures the essence of Switzerland best?”  “Where would you like to play tennis with Roger Federer?”  The answer to all of these questions, for me, is Mürren and the Lauterbrunnen valley.

Murren panorama view

Hard to beat the views from Mürren

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First Day of School in a New Country

I had been dreading this day for months.  Imagine your first day at a new school where you don’t know anybody and you find it hard to understand what your teachers and classmates are saying because you don’t yet speak their language.  Sounds like a bad dream, perhaps the one where you look down and realize you forgot to put on pants that morning as you walk into the classroom.  I was scared for our two girls to have to experience this as part of our family sabbatical in Switzerland.  But, amazingly, they were not as intimidated as their parents were (and H doesn’t like to wear pants, or even clothes, anyway so that part would be no big deal).

File_000 (3)

“Who’s excited to start school in a new country?!” At least 1.5 kids are.

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