Hallo Basel [She said]

We’ve now been here three days, but it feels a bit longer. Perhaps because at least of one us gets up around 4:00 am and, since the floors creak if you even look at them funny, then everyone else is up too. I’ve been wondering if there is any sort of “WD-fairy” that would come and fix them for a small fee or a pound of flesh—I’m open to almost any price at this point.

The trip over was long—about a month or so, hard to remember exactly now. The kids did well with the long lines, flight and car ride. Actually, they took it better than the rest of us—perhaps because their seat seemed so much bigger to them? We all got to watch several movies and tried to sleep. At the end of the flight they came around with Swiss chocolates, even though it was right after they had served breakfast, which is an attitude toward chocolate I greatly admire. Although they got a bit peeved when you take more than one, so I guess our values aren’t totally aligned.

Pushing our luggage on three carts, customs and immigration turned out to be such a breeze that we were early for our car that was going to pick us up from Zurich Airport and drive us to our new home in Basel. At this point our oldest was getting a bit sick (literally) of too much travelling. We did find out a cool travel tip: one motivator for making sure a cab driver is not ripping you off my taking a needlessly long route is to have a small child threatening to throw up in the bImage-1ack seat of his car most of the way there.

We made the most of our first few days and also tried to alleviate jet lag by walking all around town: to the many parks, successfully registering with the canton, a walk along the river, train passes, several trips to the grocery store, and more.

Much more to say here, but I’m just so tired….I asked C to draw a picture instead so I could take a break from writing and just close my eyes for a few minutes…here is “Unicorn named Willow” (2017), enjoy.



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