Baggage [She said]

You may have noticed in Barry’s last post about packing there was not much mention of actual packing. Since writing about packing does not actually put things into bags, I’ve been delaying the former in favor of the latter. But today is the day we leave Colorado and we are finally packed!


As I sit here this morning looking at our 10 pieces of luggage and four backpacks, I’m feeling a bit surprised. Surprised we actually made it to the point of being ready to go, and somehow also surprised that this is really happening today. I know I’m the one who set this whole train running, but part of it almost seemed like a fantasy train going to Hogwarts from Platform 9 ¾ , rather than an actual train that was going to drop us off in Basel, Switzerland.

The process of packing is a pretty good one for preparing mentally for going someplace new. You have to imagine what it might be like, what you will do in that new place, what you might need, what you might miss from home, and what you might need to leave at home so that you can fit in your favorite stuffed animal, tutu dress, headphones, ergonomic keyboard, and foam roller. All of this helped us prepare a bit for leaving the comfort of our couch, home, friends and life here.

I was not prepared for how hilarious it would be to watch kids pack—and it gave me an idea:

Pitch to HGTV – ½ hour TV show titled “Packing It In”

Each week we follow a family as they pack up their old life and swap it for a new one—metaphors ensue. As we see each family member decide what stays and what gets left behind, we get further insight into their emotional journey.

Wife: “Its seems crazy, but do you think all these books will fit? And this bulky hand knit scarf?”

Fun neighbor/friend: “Yes. I can make it fit. Let’s get these compression straps going.”


IMG_1440Youngest child (4): “Mom, I’ve just hung up all of my underwear on hangers in my closet,” (this never gets explained). “I’ve packed my tutus, sparkly dresses and all my stuffed animals. Now, where are ALL my markers?”


Husband (>40): “Should we print out these school forms?”

Wife (ageless): “I’ve already done that.”

Husband: “What about checks? Do we need checks?”

Wife: “Yes. I’ve done that too.”


Oldest child (6): “Mom, have you seen my puppy pal?”

Mom: “What’s it look like?”

Oldest: “It’s yellow with red dots and about this big,” indicating something a quarter the size of a postage stamp. “I can’t find it in my packed suitcase, can we take it apart and look for it?”

Mom: “No.” (i.e., Hell no)


Mom: “Will you guys miss this house?”

Oldest child: “Mom, we can Skype with it,” rolls eyes.


Packing It In, will of course lend itself to both a US and “International” version. So if anyone happens to know someone at HGTV, I think we have a real hit on our hands.

As for now, we are off to visit family in California for a few days and then to Switzerland next week!


2 thoughts on “Baggage [She said]

  1. I like the show idea. It could air before or after house hunters/house hunters international as a companion program. It would be like the Real World version: “This is what happens when people stop being passive daydreamers and start getting real about moving.”

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