Baggage [She said]

You may have noticed in Barry’s last post about packing there was not much mention of actual packing. Since writing about packing does not actually put things into bags, I’ve been delaying the former in favor of the latter. But today is the day we leave Colorado and we are finally packed! Continue reading

Baggage [He Said]

With about a week to go before we leave our house in Colorado for a year and begin our journey abroad to Basel Switzerland, we are busy packing our bags and figuring out how much we can fit on planes, trains and cars in between Colorado, Los Angeles and Zurich. Continue reading

The Purge [She said]

Some people suggested getting the kids involved in the paring down process, help them understand what we’re doing, the small amount we’re able to take with us, etc. So several weeks ago I pulled out a giant box and asked them each to put in some old toys and clothes they didn’t wear anymore. After several days of evaluating their rooms and searching their souls for the material things they truly needed, they filled that box with one book and half of a broken toy. Continue reading

The Purge [He Said]

“It would be embarrassing trying to explain what an appetizer is to someone from a starving country. “Yeah, the appetizer—that’s the food we eat before we have our food. No, no, you’re thinking of dessert—that’s food we have after we have our food. We eat tons of food. Sometimes there’s so much we just stick it in a bag and bring it home. Then we throw it out the next day. Maybe give it to the dog.” Continue reading

Why Sabbatical? [He said]

Hi.  This is the story of two career-driven parents who decided to quit their jobs and move their family of four to Switzerland for a year-long sabbatical.  Sounds crazy, right?  I agree.  Which is why we have decided to blog about the process–from the origins of the idea, to the months of planning, to the many challenges and adventures that await us when we arrive in Basel on June 1st.   Continue reading